Reactivate! (Eng)

Innovators of Dutch Architecture


Author: Indira van 't Klooster
Design: Eva Heisterkamp

2013, trancityxvaliz | supported by Creative Industries Fund | paperback | 256 pp. | 24 x 17 cm (h x w) | English | ISBN 978-90-78088-80-6

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During the recent economic crisis, the turnover of Dutch architecture firms is falling dramatically. In the new social and financial context of the twenty-first century, a group of young Dutch architects and urban designers are taking matters into their own hands. Using the resources of architecture, these designers formulate a response to current social challenges and redefine their profession. They become developers and entrepreneurs, create their own commission situations, form new cooperatives and provide ideas that are both inspiring and also practically applicable and feasible in difficult financial times. Vacant property, processual urban design, investment standstills, social contradictions, petrified organizations and environmental demands—this generation is investigating the conceptual possibilities of the new reality.