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Valiz is an independent international publisher on contemporary art, theory, critique, design and urban affairs. Our books offer critical reflection, interdisciplinary inspiration, and often establish a connection between cultural disciplines and socio-political questions. We publish these books out of our commitment to their content, to artistic and social issues and to the artists, designers and authors.
Apart from publishing Valiz organizes lectures, debates and other cultural projects in which certain topics in contemporary art are explored.

Since 2012, Valiz has been closely collaborating with Trancity as trancityxvaliz. As publishers we have a shared view on the function of publications. trancityxvaliz books and programmes provide critical reflection on the city, on urban development and renewal, and on the public domain, with a specific focus on the connection with social, cultural and economic issues.

Want to learn more about Valiz and trancityxvaliz? Have a look at our catalogues:

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Astrid Vorstermans (*1960) is an art historian, editor, and publisher. She founded Valiz Publishers in 2003, having previously worked as publisher, editor, bookseller and sales person. Under the banner of Valiz she collaborates with an extensive network of other professionals in the arts. Besides her work at Valiz, she delivers lectures and is a guest teacher at various design schools.
- Panel discussion with Astrid at The Other Book, The Hague 
- Conversation with Astrid in Unterweiss
- Interview with Astrid in novum
- Conversation with Astrid for It's Nice That

Pia Pol (*1985) is publisher and co-director at Valiz. She started working here in 2008, as a coordinator and editor. She studied English Language & Culture and American Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Her focus is on bottom-up initiatives in cities, urban development, and the public space. Pia also explores the possibilities of digital publishing.
- Interview with Pia and Astrid at The Institute of Network Cultures 

Till Hormann (*1990) is a musician (Délage) and graphic designer. He is a steady factor at Valiz to work on daily all-trades jobs: for instance sending (webshop) orders, visual website maintenance, sorting out paperwork, assist in image editing, contribute ideas from small to big and vice versa.

Simone Wegman (*1991) graduated in Arts and Culture studies and works at Valiz one day a week. She is our supervisor for social media, works on other publicity and maintains the Valiz website.


Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg  
Available via Centraal Boekhuis, Culemborg (NL) 

Europe*, Asia and Australia (*except BeNeLux, UK/IRE)
Idea Books, Amsterdam (NL) 
Representatives Idea Books:

- Germany and Austria: consult Idea Books 
- France, Switzerland and Wallonia: Sébastien Richard
- Scandinavia: Anna Eriksson 
- Southern Europe: Bookport, Franco Portelli Milan 
- Eastern Europe and Middle East: Sandra Luís
- China and Hong Kong: Helen Fung/China Publishers Services 
- Japan and Asia: Julie Onishi
- Australia: Perimeter Distribution, Justine Ellis & Dan Rule

United Kingdom and Ireland
Anagram Books, London
Adeline Mannarini

USA, Canada, Latin America
DAP / Distributed Art Publishers / artbook, New York








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Valiz is a Dutch VOF, general partnership; partners: Astrid Vorstermans & Pia Pol. 
Valiz Foundation is a separate entity, see tab 'Foundation'. 

Valiz VOF-information: 
Btw/VAT: NL 8608.36.319 B01
KvK: 76909603
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Valiz books can be ordered via this website (see shopping cart per title). Via our distributors or at your bookshop.
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Valiz Foundation


Our work requires a constant balance between various values, rhythms and approaches. Content-related, artistic, idealistic, political, practical, and financial considerations all play a part in taking decisions and setting a course. This goes for making books, creating and sharing content, as well as for initiating cultural projects. Valiz has no structural financial backing. This means that, on the one hand, there is plenty of room to experiment, set our own targets and develop a tailored approach; on the other hand, there is a responsibility to cover the costs of salaries, rent and other overhead. The not-for-profit Stichting Valiz Foundation was founded to support a ‘free field’ for developing new organisational models, alternative ways of working, and new content, and to work on social and idealistic projects with more care and attention.


Valiz Foundation is a publishing house and cultural platform that aims to respond to developments in contemporary art, architecture, urban culture and design, in a varied and inventive manner. The foundation strives to attain this goal by:

A. making books:
• about theory, with texts on visual culture (art theory, architecture and design theory, urban culture, public space, reflection on images from everyday life, artists’ texts), often from a critical perspective on society.
• that are conceived and created in close collaboration with artists, designers and cultural institutes.
B. organizing cultural events, debates, lectures, and so forth that are related to the above.


The foundation is a not-for-profit organization, and recognized as an ANBI (Institute Promoting the General Interest), RSIN 854219225, which means that donations to the Stichting are tax-deductible. According to an audit done by the Inland Revenue of the province of Oost-Brabant on [XX] January 2017, the foundation meets the requirements for an ANBI status. The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, number 61127140 and has its offices at Bellamystraat 24-II, 1053 BM, Amsterdam. The ANBI information is published on this website:\valizfoundation. Board members do not receive fee attendance money, but are reimbursed, within reason, for expenses made in the exercise of their duties.


Mailing address:
Bellamystraat 24-II, 1053 BM, Amsterdam
Phone: (+31)(0)20 - 676 41 44
RSIN/fiscal number: 854219225
Chamber of Commerce: 61127140
Bank: Triodos Bank, IBAN: NL72 TRIO 0197 9715 71, BIC/Swift: TRI0NL2U


Chair: Roosje Klap
Treasurer: Simon Franke
Secretary: Pia Pol
Director: Astrid Vorstermans



Mailing address:
Valiz, books and cultural projects
Gebouw Het Sieraad
Studio K34-K36
Postjesweg 1
1057 DT Amsterdam
Phone: (+31)(0)20 - 676 41 44