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- Negen stellingen die pleiten voor een herwaardering van het paviljoen als architectonisch fenomeen
- Laat zien waarom het paviljoen interessant is voor het bestuderen van de link tussen architectuur en kunst en cultuur

Auteur(s): Wouter Davidts, John Macarthur, Susan Holden, Ashley Paine
Ontwerp: Sam de Groot
Serie: vis-à-vis

2018, Valiz met University of Queensland / ATCH (Architecture Theory Criticism History) / Research Centre / School of Architecture / Ghent University | paperback | 80 blz. | Engels | ISBN 978-94-92095-50-3

This book addresses the contemporary pavilion phenomenon and those often temporary and functionless architectural structures commissioned and exhibited by art institutions around the world (including the annual Serpentine Pavilion in London, Young Architects Program in New York and the MPavilion in Melbourne). Despite its ubiquity, and popular success, the contemporary pavilion has been inconsistently theorized and frequently disparaged.
In this thought-provoking book the authors reclaim the pavilion as an architectural topic, against those that would dismiss the phenomenon as symptomatic of a simple or absolute exhaustion of the critical potential of architecture’s intersection with art. The pavilion phenomenon also occasions a timely interrogation of larger questions that concern the changing relations between culture and the economy—changes that are shifting the planes on which architecture and art meet.

This publication is the first in a subseries of vis-à-vis, entitled ‘Studies in Architecture and Art’, that will address the reciprocal trade between the disciplines of architecture and art.


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