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- First major publication on this riotous and highly accomplished Dutch vanguard design group
- Forthcoming in the Spring of 2018
- You can pre-order this title in our webshop. Once the book is published, we will dispatch your order

Authors: Ian Horton & Bettina Furnée
Short text inserts by: Russ Bestley, Max Bruinsma, Tony Credland, Frits Gierstberg, Noor Mertens
Design: 75B

2018, Valiz with Stichting Kunstpublicaties Rotterdam | supported by Creative Industries Fund, NL | paperback| ca. 480 pp. | English | ISBN 978-94-92095-17-6

Hard Werken formed in the late 1970’s with a show-stopping eponymous underground magazine (soon to be a collector’s item). Famed and followed as the riotous and highly accomplished Dutch vanguard design group in the 1980’s, smattering high with low culture. Folded after a shotgun wedding to a packaging company in Sloten (NL), in 1994. For those who were out there watching, Hard Werken shone like a shooting star in the design firmament.

‘The 1970/80s Dutch magazine Hard Werken has all the qualities of a pop-legend. Born of the collective desire of a group of young graphic designers from industrial Rotterdam to express themselves, they quickly achieved an influential cult status, then [the magazine] died young.’
Peter Bilak in: Dot Dot Dot magazine, Issue 1, 2000

Hard Werken ‘quite deliberately has broken every rule in the handbook’ by producing ‘scattershot lay-outs, jarring mismatches of type, shrieking colours and a veneer of industrial grime which seem calculated to assault the sensibilities of more delicate colleagues.’ 
Rick Poynor in: Blueprint No 59, 1989

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