Text/authors: BAVO (Gideon Boie & Matthias Pauwels)
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Dutch Only!

Polemic pamphlet about art and society

Too Active to Act on Metropolis M_in Dutch
• About Too Active to Act on ArchiNed.nl_in Dutch
• Review_Kunstbeeld, nr 3-2011, p. 84_in Dutch
• Review_De Witte Raaf, 152 - juli-augustus 2011, p. 18-19_in Dutch more

In Too Active to Act BAVO researches cultural activism, political or ‘relational’ art and how the individuals involved become embedded in the projects – and in their broader support base – where or with which they attempt to bring about change. How effective is this kind of art? back
Too Active to Act
Graphic Design: Hendrik-Jan Grievink.. 128 pages .. 21 x 14,5 cm .. paperback.. Dutch.. supported by: Mondriaan Stichting, Fonds BKVB, Jan van Eyck Academie