Text/authors: Ian Horton, Bettina Furnée
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-The first major publication on this innovative and experimental design studio
-Forthcoming in 2017
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Forthcoming in 2017: the first major publication on the innovative and experimental design work produced by Rotterdam-based Hard Werken. The design group itself was formed by members of the magazine Hard Werken published in Rotterdam from 1979 to 1982. The core members were Henk Elenga, Kees de Gruiter, Gerard Hadders, Tom van den Haspel, Willem Kars and Rick Vermeulen. In 1994 Hard Werken merged with the design firm Ten Cate Bergmans to form the new design practice Inizio.
Hard Werken's anarchic design, contrary to typographic conventions and modernist currents of the time, characterized this group as a brash, elusive, and distinctly Rotterdam phenomenon. more
The chunky and crazy book in-the-making will investigate Hard Werken's practice and legacy in an international context and address their contemporary significance. It will show lots of work and will dive into their role in Rotterdam's culture and abroad; the innovative aspects of their practice combining graphic and fine art languages; and the ways they negotiated working for newly emerging cultural and commercial spheres. All will be elucidated by a myriad of images and clear, concise texts.

Columns by: Russ Bestley, Max Bruinsma, Erik Brus, Tony Credland, Frits Gierstberg, Noor Mertens back

Hard Werken: One for All
Graphic Design: 75B .. ca. 480 pages .. English .. published by Valiz with Stichting Kunstpublicaties Rotterdam .. supported by Creative Industries Fund, NL