Text/authors: Peter Beijer, Ellen de Groot, Jolanda Hoeflak, Vincent Platenkamp
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• Aims to bridge the gap between social and spatial housing policies and the everyday solutions of residents
This book describes the everyday life in three 'normal' districts in cities in The Netherlands. These disctricts are normal in the sense that they are neither rich, nor problem areas. In doing this, the book aims to brigde the gap between the perpective of councils, social workers and corporations on these areas, and the perspective of the residents themselves. The desriptions show how research into 'everyday life' is practiced. At the same time, they plea for new spatial and social housing policies: less politically and commercially motivated, less intervention, and more appreciation for the vitality of residents. back
De waarde van het alledaagse: Van beleidsdrang naar bewonersperspectief in de stadswijk
Graphic Design: Coppens Alberts .. 160pages ..
24 x 17 cm (h x w) .. paperback .. Dutch .. in cooperation with HTV international higher education Breda and Bureau77 Tilburg.. supported by the Province of North Brabant